How to Give Employees Their Correct Breaks

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Wondering what breaks you are required to give Employees under the Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010? ClinLegal have interpreted the Award for you!

Clause 27 of the Award outlines the breaks you are required to give Employees, which we explain as follows:

Under clause 27.1 of the Award meal breaks are required where-

  • If an Employee has worked in excess of five hours he/she is entitled to an unpaid meal break of not less than 30 minutes and not more than 60 minutes. A good way to ensure that all Employees receive the minimum break is to schedule out a block of time everyday where the Practice is closed to the public. This may also be useful where appointments are running late (in which case breaks can be staggered).
  • The time of taking the meal break can be varied by agreement between the Employer and the Employee where required.

Clause 27.2 in the Award discusses ‘Tea Breaks’. Employer must ensure that-

  • Every Employee is entitled to a 10 minute tea break in each four hours worked. The time that this tea break is taken is to be at a time agreed between the Employer and Employee.
  • Subject to agreement between the Employer and Employee this set of tea breaks may be taken as a one 20 minute block of time.
  • Tea breaks are counted as time worked and are paid.

TIP:  Make sure that breaks are scheduled in a way that ensures productivity is not affected within the Practice. By working out a schedule of when Employees are to take their breaks will ensure that everybody gets their break and it suits the schedule of the Practice day to day.

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Clause 27.1 of the Award

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