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How to Purchase

How do I purchase a solution from ClinLegal?

How do I download my files?

How do I use the Member Portal?

What if I'm having trouble purchasing?

General FAQs

How long has ClinLegal been operating?

What types of businesses or practitioners does ClinLegal work with?

What products does ClinLegal specialise in?

Are your policies, manuals and employment documents compliant throughout Australia?

How frequently are materials updated? Do I need to repurchase updated materials or are they included in the package cost?

Do you provide legal advice?

Once I have placed an order online, how long will it be until I have access to these documents?

Do you offer a personalisation service to your documents or do we need to do that?

Are there any “hidden” or “add on charges” for forms and manuals that some other consultants may have?

What do I do if a situation arises in regards to my employee?