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Employment law is complex and hard to navigate. Relieve yourself from this burden by using our all inclusive digital solution which is designed for your industry specifically.

These workplace compliance tools are industry specific and designed to be easy to use, effective and totally up-to-date. Enjoy peace of mind by purchasing now.

With our solutions:

  • you will have more time to dedicate to the clinic and growing your practice
  • expect to cut staff administration by 50-70% through our digital interface
  • create employment contracts in minutes
  • access guides in seconds which explain how to handle complaints, terminations and other problems
  • you will manage staff more easily and efficiently
  • you will be eligible to a discount on our legal services fees of about 40%

Use these packages if you:

  • have several staff members
  • are too busy to dedicate time to compliance and staff management
  • do not want to instruct lawyers for individual employment contracts
  • have regular staff issues needing attention
  • find “tricky” conversations difficult with staff and need some guidance
  • find it difficult and time consuming to find, understand and apply workplace regulations, and
  • importantly – you are just starting out and want to adopt a high level of risk-minimisation from the start

Our solutions include:

  • Employee starter pack – comprehensive new employee forms
  • Staff manual with a variety of workplace policies and procedures designed specifically for your industry
  • A suite of employment contracts and position descriptions for the Practice Manager, clinical staff and support staff under the Award (casual, part time, full time and individual flexibility options)
  • Access to our Guides, a quick reference tool giving you clear instructions on how to deal with tricky situations such as investigating workplace breaches, conducting disciplinary processes, terminating employment contracts, managing staff with illness, dealing with pregnant staff, requiring staff to take leave, and more. These are your one-stop spot for quick and effective resolution
  • Staff management templates – meeting templates, application for leave forms, approval documents, reimbursements forms, induction checklists, confidentiality forms and more
  • Legal and regulatory updates in case studies, articles and reports, which will help keep you informed and current with the law and show you what has happened to other people facing similar issues!

Solution for Dental Practitioners

I have used ClinLegal for virtually the entirety of my career as a Dentist because they know how dental practices operate

Dr Nadia Dobromilsky, Dentist

Solution for Orthodontists

ClinLegal is the Orthodontist’s Specialist! We regularly use ClinLegal for the employment law needs at our Orthodontics Practice

Townsend Orthodontics

Solution for Medical Practitioners

ClinLegal analysed a major problem in my Practice and provided clear, practical advice and support. Our staff was shown “how” to manage the situation.

Dr Stephen Wilkinson, General Surgeon

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