Pregnancy and the Law

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A key member of your staff has just announced that she is expecting a baby! Of course you are overjoyed for her, BUT as the Business Owner or Practice Manager you know that this will have a big impact on your team and the running of the Practice. Here at ClinLegal we understand that you need to think about this from a business perspective so we have provided you with a practical guide on how you can approach this:

As an Employer it is important to be aware of the rights of pregnant Employees and your responsibilities as the Employer. Employees have certain rights and entitlements according to their status of employment and length of continuous service with your business. The following Guide: Pregnancy and the Law contains considerations and entitlements that may be applicable should an Employee become pregnant during their employment. 

Discrimination due to pregnancy  

It is unlawful to discriminate against an Employee based on pregnancy. This includes demoting or firing an Employee for planning to or becoming pregnant whilst employed by you. Discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy could result in legal action taken against you as the Employer.

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